Keyword Intent Generator


How to generate keyword intents

1. Paste your keywords

Just paste in your keyword list in the box to start using the generator.

2. Click generate

Click the magical generate intents button and we will begin to process your keywords.

3. Download your intents

You can either copy out the intents from the generated table, or download the CSV.

Generator FAQ

We can’t let you know exactly how it works, but the basics of it are just that we look inside the keyword for words(s) that match an intent.

Based on this, we can bucket the keywords into an approximate intent.

Right now, we are only running a basic matching algorithm over the keywords. If there isn’t something within a keyword that screams out the intent, we unfortunately can’t predict an intent.

However, we are working through additional matching algorithms that will not only make this more accurate as time goes on, but will also allow us to extend the number of keywords we can bucket.

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