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How to generate keywords

1. Choose business type

Start by selecting the business type most appropriate to the business.

2. Choose services

Pick the services that the business is offering to include specific keywords.

3. Select your locations

Select a central location, and a distance from that location to discover nearby locations.

Generator FAQ

The tool currently only supports selecting a single service type at a time. Let us know if you would be interested in selecting multiple at the time to create more keyword options at once.

We are planning on slowly building out each category, and may not have reached (or we missed!) the service you’re after.

Just let us know in the comments below and we will happily add it to our list.

Our locations are sourced from a US based provider. This means some locations may be missing or not named as expected. If you feel there is something missing, please reach out and we can sort it out for you.

Well that’s completely up to you. Some SEOs like creating thousands of keywords, and seeing what is useful afterwards.

We are working on being able to prioritise specific business key words for you so that you can just generate the highest priority ones for your business.

We currently recommend Keywords Everywhere to grab the search volume. You can install their extension, and then visit:

You will be able to run up to 10,000 keywords through here.

We will be introducing search volume for paying subscribers in the near future.

We are building a suite of tools, however significant portions of each tool will always remain free.

So with this keyword builder, as a free user you get access to most the keyword templates and a portion of our locations. The keywords & locations you get access to, are the highest value we have.

By signing up, you can get an additional 20% keywords, 3x times more locations and a handful of other additions. These are the longer tail keywords & locations, but are still very valuable.

Right now, unfortunately not. However that will be changing very soon.

You will be able to add your own keywords in, and then leverage our location set to be able to build your list out.

Google updated their search volume to bring together extremely similar keywords. This means sometimes things like “plumbers melbourne”, “melbourne plumbers”, and “plumbers in melbourne” get merged together for their search volume.

There are plenty of reasons to still use the multiple templates, so it is on a case by case basis.

If you are just interested in expanding your keyword set, we recommend the “service + location” keyword template as this has been the highest search volume template historically for us.

12 Replies to “Keyword Generator”

  1. I would like to see new & used auto sales listed in the services.

    Also on the location tab, the selection boxes have no drop down of places to select, tier 3 & the generate locations button are grayed out & unresponsive. The next bitton isn’t grayed out, but it’s unresponsive too.

    1. Hey Nathan,

      Thanks for the feedback! We will add Auto to our upcoming services for you.

      The tier 3 locations will be enabled shortly, we were just cleaning up some location data.

      To get the locations to work, you need to start typing your country. Once the country is selected it will let you do region and locale. If there are bugs with a specific country, let me know and we can look into it for you.

      The generator might be a little slow to respond at times, something we are slowly working on.


  2. This tool does not seem to be working for me. When I enter my custom services and then enter my country, state, city and distance, it brings up a list of surrounding cities. Many of them work perfectly, but a few do not. However, when I click on the x to try to remove a location, I get the following error (on both the desktop and mobile site):

    Cannot read property ‘splice’ of undefined

    It happens every time, so I cannot get to the point of the tool actually generating any keywords.

    Also, it would be nice to see some financial industry categories other than accounting, such as life insurance, health insurance, home or other loans etc. The only reason I was attempting to enter custom services is because there is no category listed for the life insurance industry or its related services.

  3. Could you add legal services, tutors, real estate, manufacturing, distributors (food, parts, etc) & maybe consulting? (business start-up, loan advising, etc)… oh and it’d be cool if you added nutrition to the fitness niche (nutritionists, etc)

  4. Thanks for this great tool. However, it appears the tool is failing each time to generate keywords. It says “Something went wrong” and then produces 0 keyword.

    1. Hey Oli,

      Thanks for the feedback. The developer should be patching this in the next week or so. We’ve been busy working on the next tool!


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