Keyword Categoriser


How to categorise or classify keywords

1. UPload keywords

Click the ‘+’ in the top left hand corner, and either paste in your keywords, or upload a CSV in the format of;
keyword | search volume

2. Build your categorisation rules

Highlight words, or specific parts of words, to create your category rules. Your keywords can be put into Primary, Secondary, Intent or Modifier categories.


As you build out your category rules. we will apply them to your keyword list automatically! 


Categoriser FAQ

So many different reasons, and with time, we will show you why! 

  • Brand verse generic analysis
  • Intent classification
  • Performance analysis
  • Keyword mapping
  • Opportunity analysis

This tool will soon be the backbone of our SEO data analysis tool suite.

By default, if you enter two words as a seed keyword into the categoriser, it will only look for those two keywords in that exact order.

If you add a pipe ‘|’ between the words, the categoriser will match the two words anywhere within the keyword. 

This also means that they could appear in any order, so it dramatically increases the categorisation flexibility.

This is an issue where you might have a list of keywords about food. One food type is Pie, so you add ‘pie’ as a seed keyword.

However, if you also have a keyword of ‘piece of cake’, that would be categorised as Pie because of the seed keyword of ‘pie’ being found inside ‘piece’.

To fix this, and avoid a partial match of your seed keyword, just add a ‘+’ to the front of the keyword.

So instead of just ‘pie’ you would now have ‘+pie’ and that would no longer match inside ‘piece’ and this ‘piece of cake’ would no longer be categorised as pie.


We currently recommend using ahrefs to get your search volume.

You can bulk upload your keywords into their keyword explored (10,000 at a time) to retrieve their search volumes.

We will be introducing search volume for paying subscribers in the near future.

Happy to make it paid if you’d rather 😉

We are building a suite of tools, however significant portions of each tool will always remain free.

Sure, just comment the issue below and we can take a look!

There are so many different issues that could popup with the rules, that everyone could have separate problems.

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